Rocky Patel Cuban Blend

Warmth envelopes my face as I lean my head back against the chair, allowing the smoke to congregate around the back of the tongue, listening for the songs of tropical birds in the distance.  Cracked peppercorns leave a tingling sensation on the lips from the pre-light draw to the now lit ‘gar, light and refreshing.  I can almost hear Castro coaxing me on to the next puff; but the breeze is cool and the scratch of dry autumn leaves as they blow over the patio is the closest thing to Cockatoos I hear.  The warmth is from an outdoor heater and it’s autumn, but the complexity of Rocky Patel’s “Cuban Blend” makes the weather and the bay of pigs irrelevant.

Rocky Patel Cuban Blend CigarThe Rocky Patel “Cuban Blend” cigar has a comfortable draw and produces a fair amount of smoke.  Dark chocolate and peppercorns identify themselves almost immediately, but after a while subtle changes take over.  Within the first third, the chocolate and pepper recede and are replaced by a sweetness, a light sweet, like a subtle coating of powdered sugar over the tongue.  This cigar is dynamic and changes flavors often.  Just beyond the halfway point, the distinct original tastes return.  This indecisiveness is easy on the palate though, and I found that tilting the head back and letting the smoke drift to the rear of the tongue explodes the various flavors brilliantly.

If I had to describe this stick in one word, it would be contemplative.  With such a rich variety of flavor and the nonessential resting of the head, “Cuban Blend” forced me to relax, to forget about the work day and mull over what my tongue was experiencing while I took in the stars above.  I stopped smoking just beyond halfway, as I was completely satisfied with the smoke, thinking that any more would be greedy.

Rocky Patel Cuban Blend reviewThe label has small vertical etchings, like the side of a dime, and reflects light elegantly in a deep red with thin golden trim.  It’s a subtle elegance that speaks to an everyday class and is topped by a silhouette of every cigar smoker’s favorite communist state.

While I did have to touch up the burn a couple of times, all in all this medium flavored, medium to light bodied cigar was nothing but enjoyable. Plus, the spicy but refreshing tingle “Cuban Blend” will leave on your upper lip afterwards is a pleasant reminder, like the taste of her Chapstick or the lipstick stain on your collar.


Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
Yes, I’ll have to.  “Cuban Blend” leaves you satisfied and eager to identify the many unique flavors that unfold throughout the smoke; and the time table is reasonable.  This makes for a great everyday cigar of choice to decompress after a day of work or play.  It may even find a place in my travel humi.  And yes, you can buy this cigar in the states. 😉

Rocky Patel Cuban Blend
For a very low priced cigar this isn't a bad value.
  • Cheap
  • Good flavors
  • Needs relights
  • Inconsistent
85%Not bad in a pinch
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  • I tried an RP Cuban Blend Maduro sample and consequently enjoyed it enough to purchase a box of them.

    My Rocky Patel favorite is the Decade but have discovered that quality cigars must first be rehydrated properly for an extended time (usually weeks) in order for the flavors both bold and subtle to be experienced.

    That being said, my first Cuban Blend Maduro was well prepared and satisfyingly delicious. The next, from the box, I somewhat rushed the humidifying process and the flavor suffered. I was simply too excited about the cigar to wait the allotted time and was rewarded with a bland taste, loss of flavor complexity and thin wispy smoke. The remainder in the box got their full treatment and were as good as the very first sample.

    These are good smokes especially for the price but can’t be compared to true premium cigars!

  • Colin D. McFall

    I found the Cuban Blend Maduro very unique among the standard line of Rocky Patel. The Edge Maduro and Cuban Blend Maduro are the only Rocky Patel cigars that I care for.

  • Koi

    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy Cuban Blend, Lee. I was very surprised by the flavors in this stick considering its price, and I probably should have mentioned that. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

  • Lee

    Glad you had a good experience with this one. I was skeptical since I’m not a rp fan and it was a budget stick. But I had to give it a go. Yes it’s sweet with coffee and pepper but the construction was poor. On every one in the five pack I had burn issues…this to me is a deal breaker no matter the flavor. But the flavor was not complex at all and well I guess you get what you pay for on this stick

  • picked up some these purely based on this review…