What’s the best cigar bar in Las Vegas?

Review of Casa Fuente Cigar Bar in Las VegasLas Vegas is a wild place, and it’s one of my favorite destinations, mainly for the warm weather, the bright lights, excellent drinks, amazing food, a bit of gambling, and a few great paces to smoke cigars. The two best cigar bars in Vegas are Casa Fuente inside the Forum Shops at Caesars and Rhumbar at the Mirage Hotel and Casino.

Today we will be reviewing Casa Fuente.

Casa Fuente is a small cigar bar located inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, therefore it’s a cigar bar that is literally sitting inside your typical shopping mall which is a brilliant idea if you think about it. Your wife can head off into the depths of the mall trying on every shoe that the mall has to offer while you sit and relax smoking a marvelous hand rolled cigar. Can you say win, win? Casa Fuente is an authorized Arturo Fuente brand outlet store therefore you will only be able to purchase Fuente related cigars (no Padrons here my friend). They have a small walk-in humidor filled with the best Fuente has to offer, in fact you can get Fuente cigars at Casa Fuente that you cannot get anywhere else which makes it really cool and interesting. Looking for a rare Forbidden X cigar? Casa Fuente will have it.

The humidor is extremely well stocked, and well maintained. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very willing to help. One draw back is their prices are a bit high, for instance a Arturo Fuente Anejo #77 “Shark” will set you back $27, yet that same cigar is typically around $17 if you can find it at a normal cigar retailer. However, I give Casa Fuente a bit of a pass on their prices because they are never out of stock on the hard to find cigars so I guess I expect to pay a bit more for the ability to get what I want.

Casa Fuente Cigar Bar Las Vegas

An amazing hand-made mojito and a Ashton VSG, that's lunch at Casa Fuente in Las Vegas.

Casa Fuente also features a smoking lounge that spills out into the mall and it has a very cool and relaxed ambience which gives you the feeling that you stumbled into a neat little bar somewhere in the back streets of Cuba. Casa Fuente makes a very good mojito but I love the french press coffee even more. I can sit there for hours sipping at my drink, smoking my favorite cigar, and listening to the subtle Cuban/Central American style music in the background, it’s like heaven on earth.

You can also buy Fuente related shirts, hats, lighters, and other accessories which make great gifts for cigar lovers that didn’t get to come with you on the trip to Vegas.

Which is better, Casa Fuente or Rhumbar?

If I was forced to choose between Casa Fuente and Rhumbar I guess I would prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of Casa Fuente to the loud music and “night-club” vibe of Rhumbar. That being said, Rhumbar makes a better Mojito and if you are looking to party, Rhumbar is much more vibrant in that regard. In conclusion, both Casa Fuente and Rhumbar are miles ahead of just about any other cigar bar you can find therefore it’s difficult to rate one higher than the other because they are BOTH the best cigar bars in Las Vegas.

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  • wm2slc

    They have gotten waivers to smoke on the patio during IPCPR and The Big Smoke. Have not heard when the remodel will be done or if they are still planning on doing it. The escalator has to be moved to do it.

  • jwb10600

    Oh, BTW… I also heard recently that they NO LONGER allow smoking outside of the store. Apparently there were complaints from a new clothing store nearby and it nixed the patio smoking by the escalators.

    Has anyone else confirmed this?

    • Richard

      Yep, they have shut down smoking on the patio at Casa Fuente until a plan is completed to enclose the outside smoking area. Too bad.

  • jwb10600

    I’ve been here many times and have to say it is a great place to sit, enjoy a good stick, eat spicy chips, have great mojitos and get served by amazing girls.

    It is a must when near the Forum Shops.

  • I have been to both and have a ton of fond memories! I agree if your looking for a relaxing spot to enjoy and decompress then Casa Fuente is the spot! For a more kick your feet up and party atmosphere with a live D.J, Rhumbar at the Mirage is the place to go, Perhaps an after lunch add a touch of elegance with C.F and dance the night away after a great dinner at Rhumbar, However I feel the Mojitos from C.F are far better than Rhumbar…Next time if you have not already had one try the Tangerine Mojito with a double shot of Montecristo rum! You will not be dissapointed and I highly recommend!

  • Sugar

    ill have to visit next time im in Vegas

  • Bill Williams

    Not frowned upon, but have a story. 2 years ago after attending the Vegas Big Smoke, my friend and I, as we always do when we are together, went to CF. We had our Anejo #77 and I had brought some Habana Sancho Panzas with me from home. We lit them up, Mike was working and because we had spend $60 on the Sharks, had no problem.
    About a third of the way through and in walk Carlos Sr, Carlito and I think a daughter, not sure, she didn’t stick around. Anyway, my back was towards them but my friend said “oh damn, they are motioning me to come over there.” I said good luck, he got up and he tapped me on the shoulder and said they want you too.
    Carlos did the talking and was very nice, asked what we were smoking, I told him and said I had brought them in and hope it didn’t cause him any trouble. He said no, but asked if we would clip them. I said sure, figuring we had just been 86d. He then pulled out 2 cigars and handed them to us. I have no idea, but pretty sure they weren’t dog rockets. They asked us to sit and we got to smoke cigars from Carlos’ pocket and talk with them for a minute or two. Great honor and what great guys. Then the rest of their party arrived, we moved and thanked them for the cigars and he said. “better than Habanas” of course they were…
    So kinda have a sweet spot for Casa Fuente

    • That’s a great story Bill, thanks for sharing. It must have been cool getting to meet such a cigar legend. And of course getting to smoke a cigar gifted from him.

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