Arturo Fuente Anejo #77 – the Shark

Master Sensei kisses some ash.

Today I was guest on the popular radio show Kiss My Ash and I was discussing (among other things) the Arturo Fuente Anejo #77, commonly referred to as “the Shark”. Abe, Emily and the Kiss My Ash Radio hosts were also big fans of the Shark and it was great to discuss cigars with a legend like Abe.

Arturo Fuente Añejo No. 77 Shark cigar

The Shark is a wild looking beast of a cigar, it is pyramid shaped with a strong square box press at the foot and transitions into a rounded torpedo shape at the head. The Fuente Anejo #77 is not an easy cigar to get your hands on. These are released in small batches by Fuente around Christmas and occasionally around Father’s Day. The Fuente Anejo is basically a Opus X blended cigar with a dark Connecticut broadleaf Maduro wrapper.

Review of the Arturo Fuente Anejo #77 "the Shark"

These cigars will set you back around $17 or so unless you buy them in Vegas where they are $27 (ouch!), Casa Fuente  will only let you buy 2 per person, per day. The Shark has a deep dark oily looking wrapper and upon cutting you will be greeted with a yummy savory taste on your tongue from the cognac barrel aged wrapper.

Cognac? Barrels? Aged maduro tobacco??? How can you lose??

The Shark is highlighted with deep, creamy, sweetness and plenty of thick oily smoke. The burn was a bit odd but certainly didn’t effect the performance of the cigar. In the final half of the cigar you will get some nice flavors of old-world spices which is very Fuente-ish.

If you like sweet maduros you will love the Fuente Anejo in any size but the #77 “Shark” is the most sought-after.

The CigarDojo appearance on Kiss My Ash Radio is now archived here. Check it out!

Kiss My Ash Radio

Special thank you to Abe, Emily, and the gang from Kiss My Ash Radio for inviting me on their show.

Arturo Fuente Anejo #77 - the Shark
A seasonal cigar that every Fuente lover should have on hand.
  • Complex flavor
  • Satisfying smoke output
  • Luxurious
  • Inconsistent burn
  • Hard to find
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  • Jeff S

    Just had an AF anejo xtra viejo, not sure how similar it is to to one reviewed here but I liked it a lot. Woody, chocolatey, coffee a little, sweet. Hint of spice. I wouldnt say creamy much though, maybe a little. Burned nice. By the review I’m guessing “the shark” is better but this was pretty good. I’d give it mid to high 8. I liked the AF Hemmingway better, but omg it was huge.

  • jimbobber

    I keep reading that the Anejo is an Opus X blend with a maduro wrapper but I’m not sure I believe it. Not only do I love the flavor of the Anejo Shark, I also love that it won’t roll away.