Occupy Wall Street May Day PosterToday is “May Day” and the un-showered smelly hippies from Occupy Wall Street are asking that we avoid work, not shop, don’t go to school, stay away from our bank, and have our kids not do any chores, all in an effort to accomplish what???? Destroy our neighbor’s business??

While a few of these things are harmless avoidance’s some of these items can really hurt our economy and especially the “little guy” on main street.

Most notably your local cigar shop could be hurt by such a protest. Therefore I am asking my fellow patriots and cigar smokers please do the following today as much as possible….

  • Go shopping!!! Buy as many cigars and other things as your budget will allow.
  • Do extra work today, do they work of two people today.
  • Do some banking. Make some withdrawals and then deposit the money back in your account.
  • Make sure your kids go to school, and if you homeschool make them do twice the work.
  • Hove your kids do twice the chores.

Occupy Wall Street is socialism on the move and we must fight against it if we are to remain free. Our country is in a battle, a battle between our free-market capitalist system that has made this the greatest country on earth and a socialist movement that is strangling this country and tearing apart the very foundation of this nation. I hate to say it folks but we are losing. Everyday we lose more and more of our freedom and it’s our duty to fight back for the freedom’s that we love. This Occupy Wall Street May Day protest is socialism on the move, after all… if banks and businesses fail… only government will remain and trust me we do not want a economy that is centered  around government.

Today, I plan to buy as many cigars as I can, both from online retailers and from my local cigar shop. I ask that you join me!

  • Fpkjr

    History lesson, May Day isn’t a commie day it’s actually a lot older then you think, an Celtic festival! Google it!
    Banks are failing, interesting all you ask people to buy are cigars? And seem to be ok with child labor! Why is that? This sounds like a JR’s stunt
    As for your message while I agree you have the right to post it on your site, so do the “so called hippies” on there site!
    Your calling of Patriots smells of propaganda to further your own personal cause!
    Need I remind you of a document my forefathers fought and died over?
    This Quote is perfect “Although I may disagree with what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it”
    With that little stunt you lost a follower! It was self severing and juvenile!
    As far as Shannon, I enjoy her content & twitter posts, if she blocks or unfollows me I’ll gladly follow suit!
    I doubt this will be posted so no hard feelings!

    • Fpkjr, thanks for the comment.

      We are very well aware of what the real May Day is all about. What we are referring to is the “General Boycott” that the Occupy Wall Street folks are calling for.

      You don’t support that do you??? A general boycott???

      You know who gets hurt in a general boycott?? Mom and pop businesses get hurt, that’s who.

      I’m sure you don’t support hurting small businesses. Heck those are those folks that drive our economy and have made this country the greatest nation in the world!

    • tecumseh75

      If your gonna be condescending to someone, its best that you actually know what your talking about! A patriot is someone who loves their country, as is. Patriotism isnt about destroying the status quo. In this country, that means small government, free markets and respect of those who do not think like you! Violent protests means you couldnt get enough politicians to agree with your agenda. If there is one thing Americans hate, is others who condescendingly think they know whats best, while those who disagree are idiots.

      You would be wise to keep that in mind, because your causing a backlash and its only a matter of time before it gets ugly. Once it comes to that, you and your “comrades”, might as well move to either Venezuela, Cuba or Canada, because you dont have a prayer of winning a confrontation. Its not a threat. Im just someone trying to talk reason to a misguided citizen. Im sure you dont want to be living in exile or worse.

      • Well said tecumseh75.

        It’s tragic how quickly this country has fallen from the very foundations that made us a great nation in the first place…. freedom.

        Cigar smokers should know that more than anyone. These Occupy Wall Street folks should read about when the Cuban government confiscated everyone’s personal property and stole all their land, simply wiping away everything that every family had worked to attain generation after generation. Sadly, that’s where we are headed if we don’t fight for our rights.

    • And just to be completely clear…. I’m not saying that the Occupy Wall Street folks don’t have the right to boycott, and protest (as long as they don’t destroy property and break laws).

      I’m just saying their call for a general boycott is unwise because it’s hurts small businesses.

      Not only that but calling for kids to ditch school, and skirt their chores, is teaching a lousy lesson to the youth of America.

      One last note…

      Fpkjr, you said you were worried that I would delete your comments, I wouldn’t do that. I’m thankful that you took the time to comment. I don’t mind having a disagreement, I hope you feel the same way. Heck if we all agreed on everything in life just think how boring it would be. 🙂

      • tecumseh75

        I agree. Protesting is one thing, but once it crosses the line into violence and property destruction, it becomes an insurection. Thats the European way of protesting. I find myself wondering, how many of these OWS turds are foreigners. By that I mean how many arnt citizens? Because that changes everything in my book.Overzealous young Americans are one thing. EX. Like when a city celebration of a world series championship, that gets out of hand. But if these were organized gobally, by non-Americans, who travel to the US with the intention of destruction, thats another story. Examples that come to mind is WTO riots in Seattle and Pittsburg. Those events had almost as many European socialists as there were American. To me, thats when these OWS morons, cross the line into treason. Im just curious what you think.

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