On the prowl for a good cigar shop in Las Vegas.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I decided to do some snooping around, see if I couldn’t find some sort of amazing smoke shop with rarities only a city so indulgent could offer. Well maybe my expectations were a little high, but surely sin city would have something interesting to offer. Sure they have Casa Fuente, which is basically Fuente’s excuse to show off some of the finest cigars in the world. But I wanted a place that was more of a shop and less of a lounge, which Casa Fuente and Mirage’s Rhumbar are some of the best around.

Partagas Cigar Factory Las Vegas

Not the Partagás I had in mind

A quick google maps search will show there are no shortage of cigars in Vegas, but which shops are legit and which are merely for tourists looking to try something new? First up was a place called Bahama Mamas Cigars, which is either nonexistent or hasn’t updated they’re location in awhile (I simply could not find it). I recommend looking elsewhere if you don’t want to lose an hour of your time. Next I headed over to Havana smoke, which apparently doesn’t follow suite with the rest of Vegas’ hours of operation. If you go here, go early. Sticking with south Vegas, I headed over to a place right on the strip called Partagas Cigar Factory. Thinking this had something to do with the delicious Partagás cigar brand, I was excited. Don’t get your hopes up, this fits into the formerly mentioned “Adventurous tourist” category. This place has a half-stocked, closet-sized humidor filled primarily with Acid cigars; might be for some, but not for me. It was now getting late and I needed a decent smoke. I headed over to Mandalay Bay in search of a place called Bombay Cigar Co. which turned out to be Davidoff, apparently they have a few Vegas locations.

Davidoff cigar shop Las Vegas

Davidoff cigar shop, this place is stylin'

From the outside you can immediately tell this is a nice place, surrounded mainly in glass, Davidoff looks more like an Apple store than a cigar shop. The humidor is small but well stocked. And unlike Casa Fuente, they actually sold more than they’re own brand, which was a nice surprise. Top-shelf stogies such as the Padron Family Reserve, Opus XXX Power ranger, and many high-end Davidoffs fill the majority of the space. But they had some interesting finds as well, such as Room 101’s One Shot One Kill line, I must say I was impressed. The prices are what you might expect, with the average stick coming in at around $25. Even the Opus XXX was $33, which was $8 more than Fuente was selling them just down the road. The cigars were kept in great shape, everything in the humidor looked and felt perfect. The staff consisted of two nice young ladies, which makes sense, Davidoff is all about the image. They waited outside while I shopped and were happy to take my money. I can’t say they were the most knowledgable staff, but they did know how to cut my cigar.

Davidoff cigar humidor Las Vegas

Can you tell from here those cigars are well kept?

I’m disappointed to say this was the best cigar shop I could find in South Vegas. If you’re in the area and want a high-class experience, you may want to check it out. As for me, I’ve got more exploring to do.

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  • egjr81

    You guys are completely right!! I live in Vegas and have forgotten at times to bring my own sticks and have “literally” had to pay for it! I have a box of Padron FR #44’s that i bought online for close to $300 and they were selling ONE stick for $85, CRAZY!!!
    Cigardijo, there is a new cigar lounge that just opened up on Nov 2nd. I was at the grand opening on sat. Nice large humidor that won’t empty out your bank account. It’s in summerlin at the Tivoli Village. It’s called La Casa cigar lounge. You should go check it out next time your in Vegas.

  • Jerald

    I have been to the Davidoff store in the MGM and was very pleased with the store and cigars. The young lady who helped us new her cigars and even remembered us the next day and gave us a discount it will be my first stop every time in Vegas

    • Sumatra Samurai

      That’s great to hear, I can’t believe how many shops they have. I know there’s one in the Venetian as well. Now you just need to head over to The Rhumbar to smoke those fine sticks.

  • Jason Nelson

    Visiting Las Vegas (from Australia) annually for work purposes, it took me a while to do my research on the cigar scene in sin city. I for one have learned a valuable lesson. I now always take my own sticks to Vegas. Lack of good brands, inconsistant hours and just inaccessibility made it hard to get anything decent in Vegas. My suggestion…. take your own sticks!

    • Great advice Jason!

      It’s weird because Vegas has two of the best cigar bars you can find but as far as cigar shops are concerned it’s a different story.