One gnarly stick.

I found this attractive cigar in an auction and was instantly captivated by its unusual appearance. The first thing that caught my eye was the lack of a band of any kind, this thing is naked and twisted. Combined with a deep, dark wrapper and massive size, I couldn’t resist. I imagine this is something the early settlers might have found American Indians smoking. And I was just as fascinated, I placed a $10 bid, how high could an unknown cigar go for after all? Well, $18 to be precise, shipping brought this baby to $22! A little more than I like to spend on a stick I know nothing about, but the damage had been done, I was intrigued.

Tatuaje Gran Cojonu Corojo cigar review

My devilish mistress arrived and was every bit as ridiculous as I thought. At 6.5″ long with a 60 ring gauge, this thing will stand out in your humidor. The Nicaraguan, Corojo wrapper twists down the stick and extends beyond the foot, covering this monster from head to toe. It is a beautiful cigar, made in the traditional cuban style with a nice triple cap. The texture is soft and velvety with a smell of rich chocolate and spice. I wanted to smoke it right then, but I knew better.

After around three months of aging, it was time! I gathered the gang and we headed down to our favorite lounge, Churchill, at The Brown Palace Hotel. By this time, everyone had a Gran Conjonu of their own – it really is an intriguing thing. The cigar cut relatively clean and the pre lit draw felt decent for such a long cigar. The toasting and lighting took a little longer than usual, due to the uncut foot, but once I got it burning, it lasted nearly the entire smoke. The flavors were smooth and surprisingly mellow, I would say a medium bodied, medium strength smoke. The draw was startling as well, I usually don’t go for cigars of this size as they tend to have tight draws and struggle to stay lit, this was not the case. Milk chocolate dominated the palate nearly the entire smoke, with cream and coffee complimenting the flavor now and then. There was a pepper taste near the start of the smoke, which faded near the second third, but that milk chocolate just kept coming back. I was surprised at just how steady this massive smoke was, just pleasant creaminess throughout. It put out a decent amount of smoke as well, definitely not disappointing. A good two hours and it was time to let her go, looking back, I’d like to give this rare stogie a couple of awards: Best medium bodied smoke (that I’ve come across, as of this writing), and best in it’s class (cigar monsters). This thing is easygoing and steady, I’d recommend it for breakfast but only if you have the time. Heck, find yourself two hours and you’ll enjoy this beast day or night.

Tatuaje Gran Cojonu
A fantastic chunk or pure milk chocolate flavor that justifies the high price tag. If you can find this cigar you best gran one.
  • Amazing complex flavor
  • Balanced flavors
  • Mouth coating smoke
  • Expensive
  • Plain appearance
92%Milk Chocolate
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  • This is another powerhouse cigar from Don Pepin and Pete Johnson. The cigar is unbabded, which is unique to the entire line. It also has an unfinished foot, which really sets it apart from the rest of the line… for good reason.

    The first inch or so was still balls-out strong. Lots of pepper and leather, very Corojo-y. But the nice surprise was as I smoked it down, around halfway, I started to get some rich dark chocolate and coffee notes. The cigar took on a sweet woodiness that was also very enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, this was still a very strong cigar, but the near two years did a good deal to mellow some of the overt pepper and spice to allow some of the other flavors to come through.

    What really amazed me was the construction. For such a big cigar, it burned fairly straight. It got off at the end, but I was still pretty impressed. No surprise that there was a ton of smoke and an easy draw, luxuries a 60 ring gauge cigar affords you.

    Grab two of these bad boys, one to kick your ass now, the other to enjoy in a year or so.

  • Ellis

    Great review. I don’t want people to know about this cigar because it is hard enough to find as is. But, yes, it’s a masterpiece.

    • Sumatra Samurai

      Thanks Ellis, you’re right though, it’s on of those cigars I won’t smoke until I find a replacement for it in the humidor

  • Don

    This is the one cigar I will put up against my Padron of all series. A real joy to smoke. I have two different boxes in my humidor to keep one at a minimum of 4 months. Just ordered a third to keep the supply train sequence in step. I’ve enjoyed a lot of the TATS but this is KING.

  • Pete Johnson makes a mean cigar!

  • Mr. Sumatra you write a wonderful review! I also have smoked a Tatuaje Gran Cojonu and I loved it. I think the idea behind this cigar must have been….

    What if we round up a pound of the choicest most perfectly aged tobacco leaves and create one perfectly massive smoke?

    It’s one of those cigars that the more I thought about it after I smoked it the more I loved it. My Tatuaje Gran Cojonu must have been in a natural wrapper because it wasn’t as dark as you describe but it was every bit as good and every bit as enjoyable.
    The overriding flavor for me was MILK CHOCOLATE. I plan to get my hands on some more of these the next chance I get.
    Not cheap, but worth every penny!