Like a bad internet dating experience.

Have you ever heard those horror stories about internet dating? You know how it goes, some guy thinks he has found the love of his life online only to find out the hot single women he has been chatting with is actually some 49 year old balding creep that lives in his mother’s basement? Such is my story of the El Titan De Bronze Redemption Maduro. One of my favorite cigar reviewers is Bryan Glenn of, is normally spot on in his reviews and when he listed the El Titan De Bronze Redemption as one of his favorite sticks I just had to get my hands on some. These cigars were not easy to acquire, as they are not at any of my local shops nor are they sold on any of the major online outlets. A close friend and I were able to eventually track them down and placed a dozen or so in my perfectly maintained humidor for 6 months! The anticipation of smoking one of these babies was extremely intense, and it was finally time… yes I was at the precipice of my rendezvous with my beautiful bombshell that I had been dreaming about. Slobber dripped from my mouth as I removed it from the humidor, cut it and began to toast it.

El Titan De Bronze Redemption Maduro rating and review

The look of the cigar is pleasing to the eye but upon cutting I began to get suspicious because it appeared as if the draw would be a difficult one and I was right. Not only was the draw extremely tough but the smoke output was much lower than I would desire from a good smoke. Adding to my displeasure was the mild, mediocre flavor of this stick. There just wasn’t anything special about the flavor at all. The notes this cigar sang were a mild leathery licorice. After doing everything in my power to open up the draw and flavors I eventually gave up at the halfway point. A sad, sad, chapter in my cigar smoking adventures…. 6 months of dreaming of the perfect date ends up in pure unadulterated disappointment.

El Titan De Bronze Redemption Maduro
Sadly the El Titan De Bronze Redemption suffers from a horribly tight draw. Hopefully the factory has corrected this issue by now.
Price Value86%
  • Inexpensive
  • Good flavors
  • Tight Draw
83%Tough Draw
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  • That’s disappointing to hear. It’s been almost 2 1/2 years since I had one, perhaps it’s a case of them changing the blend or factory since. I know the company moved and they did shift around production of some lines last year.

    • Bryan what an honor to have you comment! Your blog is my favorite cigar review blog by a mile. I watch almost every video you make, and 99% of the time agree with everything you say.

      In fact, I often make my cigar purchases based on your recommendations. (no joke)

      To this day one of my favorite smokes is the Pinar Del Rio Seleccion Reserva Limitado which I bought based on your excellent review.

      Keep up the great work and rest assured your efforts do NOT go unnoticed!

      (For others reading this comment please check out Bryan’s blog CigarObession, it’s one of the best cigar review websites on the internet.)

      • Jay Rabinowitz

        I too LOVE Bryan’s reviews and have watched many of his video’s. Recently purchased the Cigar Obscession preium sampler he created. Could not be more satisfied. Keep up the great work Bryan!! Thank you

  • Sumatra Samurai

    This is a perfect example of a decent cigar ruined by it’s draw. I smoked one of these recently and these are my notes: examining the stick pre-cut it has a very nice construction with a great label and polished leather smell. The cigar is rolled rather tight which lends me to believe it will have an equally tight draw. After cutting, the pre-light draw is no surprise and there is only a faint taste to the tongue. A few puffs and there is very little smoke, a few more puffs… not much more. I decide to recut, hoping to loosen the draw a bit and although this helped a little, there is still very little smoke! Now, I should mention the flavor is quite good, being creamy, creamy butter. But there is just something dissatisfying about an exhale without smoke. Large, billowing puffs of smoke can make a bad smoke better, and a good cigar great. Unfortunately, this was the defining factor of the El Titan De Bronze. Halfway through the stick the flavors are showing signs of dark chocolate and licorice, it was nice to see the flavors evolve, even if licorice isn’t my favorite.
    On the upside, the flavors last nearly the entire stick and don’t “nub out” until well past the double bands. In fact, I have now smoked this particular stogie on two separate occasions and together they have been the two best burning cigars I’ve ever smoked. It is definitely possible to smoke the entire stick without topping off the ash. I crowned the El Titan with the “Ash King” award but sadly will not smoke again… well maybe I would, but I certainty wouldn’t go through the hassle of buying again.[img][/img]

    • Wow! I couldn’t agree more.

      P.S. Excellent pics!

      • Sumatra Samurai

        Thanks, and incase you were wondering, no I did not drink an entire bottle of Disaronno… it’s a shooter! Perspective magic…