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Cigar Dojo premium patches for sale

Dojo Patch

Whether you collect them, sew them onto your jacket, or glue them onto your humidor—there's really no wrong way to use a patch! Now, with the new Dojo patch, your gear will have that "Sensei glow" it's been mis... Read More...
Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sobremesa cigar review


Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is the much-anticipated, welcomed return to the cigar industry for Steve Saka, the highly-revered, former CEO of Drew Estate. Steve has now made it through the industry nearly full-circle, beginning as a blogger, then writing for ... Read More...
Partagas Aniversario 170 cigar review
87%Missed the Mark

Partagas Aniversario 170

Back in 1845, one of today’s biggest Cuban cigar brands was born—Partagas. Because of his connections as a business man in Havana, Jaime Partagás y Rabell quickly went to work purchasing the finest tobacco plantations available in Cuba. Through his newly acqui... Read More...

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